weekly or   


We have found that most couples get the greatest benefit by a series of consistent couples sessions. Usually by session 4 or 5 couples begin to see shifts in the connection. The goal is to not keep you coming but to enable a shift within the relationship where you begin to need us less and less. 

We recommend starting with weekly sessions. It becomes more obvious by how your connecting and resolving conflicts that we begin to shift to bi-monthly sessions and then spread it out from there.

one day Intensive

Designed for couples to tackle and resolve intensive marital or couples conflict without the disruption of time.  We usually provide either a 4 hour to 6 hour block with two therapists working with the couple throughout the process. Two therapists provides for a clearer picture of the relational dynamic and where you may be getting stuck.

4 hour intensive - $800

6 hour intensive - $1,200