Session Fees

  • Our rates range from $125 to $140 per hourly session (per specific therapist) with the sessions usually at 55 minutes.

  • Insurance / Billing...we don't accept insurance. But we can provide an invoice which is "sometimes" helpful for clients that use a Flex Spending or HSA account. We can provide a receipt / form that you can submit to your specific insurance carrier. When you use insurance, insurance companies require a diagnosis before reimbursement. Therefore, some choose not to file since a diagnosis would be recorded on their medical records.

  • Cancelation policy...You can cancel at any time before a scheduled session with 24 hours notice and no charge will be made. If you cancel on the same day, then generally you will be charged unless it is an emergency in which case the charge will be waived.

Peloton Office - (615)212-5653

374-2 Herron drive

nashville, tn 37210